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Steve Porter

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Acrylic on canvas, sized 20"/16" (50.8cm/40.6cm)

Inviting you to:
"A slap round the face."


It’s been a busy day –
professionally or socially –
and at last you’re home.

Perhaps you have had to deal with plenty
of other humans, out there.
With all their gifts and demands.

The world can be an assault on the senses.
Your Handprint greets you cheerfully and without judgement.

Welcome home, it says.
Because you are.



Kind of like a friend…

Your Handprint painting adapts subtly to your mood.

Greeting you with a high five, advising you to slow down, reminding you of someone close who needs your help… like an oracle, reflecting yourself back to yourself.

Perhaps even showing you the truth of your heart and your mind…


The idea…


  • Handprint paintings are all about the ultimate human symbol: the hand. The fingers and those super-opposable thumbs that service all the mischief. Our hands are with us all from dawn to dusk, doing good, doing bad, doing indifference.


  • The shape of the hand, like the silhouette of the human form, is deeply ingrained within us. It is a fundamental part of identity. Like knowing something like the back of your hand.  


  • Is the hand reaching out or a pushing away? Greeting or warning? Not waving but drowning….  These questions will depend on our perspective as viewers. We who see are the collaborators, bringing our perceptions to the party.



 In accompaniment to your artwork, there is…


  • A signed Certificate of Authenticity to prove provenance.


  • A bottle of gorgeous Champagne to enjoy with your new painting.


  • Free shipping, worldwide, secure and insured.


Imagine again…
It’s a beautiful evening.
You have some friends coming round.
For drinks maybe. And something to eat.
Gradually they arrive with their familiar smiles and catch-up talk.
Your Handprint painting has arrived too,
now suspended proudly upon a feature wall,
drawing admiring enquiry from friends.
They mirror its gesture.
You tell the story.
And everyone agrees…


Some artistic small print...

On Universality

  • The Handprint adheres to the concept (and perhaps mission) of universality in art. This is a hallmark of Steve's work.


  • Like Keith Haring’s “Dog” or “Baby”, the Handprint is a simple recognisable image that anyone can make. Many carry the tools at the ends of their arms.



The Statement

  • The Handprint makes a powerfully recognisable visual statement. Think of Piet Mondrian, whose coloured rectangles and squares within black grids upon a white background remain instantly recognisable to this day.


  • The striving for visual purity honed everything to a sparse yet powerful statement. 

The Surface

  • The deep textures within the white-topped layers surrounding the Handprint capture the light in different ways, so the surface varies through differing lighting conditions.


  • In this way, what appears at first to be an expanse of plain white is forever changing, adding time and movement to a picture which is essentially fixed. 

An Event


  • Printing, which is at the practical core of this artwork’s creation is a very mechanical process. “What was to go on the canvas,” said Rosenburg in 1952, “was not a picture, but an event.”


  • The Handprint transforms a simple gesture into an event. But the singularity of the event can now evolve (or revolve) in meaning through time in collaboration with the perception of the viewer.


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