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Steve Porter

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Acrylic on canvas with metal paint tubes.
Sized: 39.5"/39.5" (100cm/100cm)


It’s been a busy day –
professionally or socially –
and at last you’re home.
In a world that is sometimes overwhelmingly complex,
our brains often cry out for something reduced to simple,
understandable terms.
Your Paintwork offers you the basics of art materials,
laid out in a series of visible actions, calming the mind.


    The idea…
    • Paintwork paintings are inspired by Piet Mondrian's work where he used flat geometrical colours within a grid of black on white. Like  Mondrian, this work concerned the rhythms and organisation of music.
    • Each Paintwork mark might be a musical notes deployed along a manuscript or describe a pattern of aural variations.
    • They are also designed to represent the deconstruction of a traditional depiction. Steve originally titled the works to allude to a specific scene.
    • Eventually these titles were removed. While they suggested a narrative path, titles seemed to close off all the other possible paths.
    • Using Paintwork as a title, partners “art” alongside what is regarded as pedestrian or even mundane, creating a juxtaposition. 


    In accompaniment to your artwork, there is…
    • A signed Certificate of Authenticity to prove provenance.
    • Free shipping, worldwide, secure and insured.

      Imagine again…
      It’s a beautiful evening.
      You have some friends coming round.
      For drinks maybe. And something to eat.
      Gradually they arrive with their familiar smiles and catch-up talk.
      Your Paintwork painting has arrived too,
      now suspended proudly upon a feature wall,
      drawing admiring enquiry from friends.
      You tell the story.
      And everyone agrees…
      they want to touch it.

      Some artistic small print...

      Raw materials 

      • While art “materials” are always (or usually) used in the creation of an artwork, the Paintwork chooses to show them and employ them.
      • The tubes that housed the paint were glued on to “depict” the source from which the colours originated. This means they are depicting what they are, through context.
      • The tubes were painted white to remove manufacturer branding and to blend them into the background at certain vantages.
      • The proudness of the tube form (like miniature sculptures all) casts an ever-changing range of shadow, according to the lighting conditions.


      Mark making
      • Marks were made directly onto the canvas. The canvas collects and reflects upon a series of moments and decisions where the paint tubes were applied.
      • The nature of the mark means that it cannot be altered or improved. It is what it is.
      • Steve (as the artist) made this artwork, but while his hands were used, the physics of squeezing paint from a tube in one movement naturally produced some variation in outcome.
      • Some of the marks made by the tubes are more aesthetically "successful" than others, but they are all included. Some of the curves are perfect, others are slightly less so.
      • Through this very human combination, the whole thing becomes alluringly tactile.


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