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Steve Porter

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 Acrylic on canvases,
collaged wallpaper,
secret contents.
Sized: 20"/33" (51cm/84cm)
Welcome to…
“The art you can’t even see…”




You want to look something up on your phone.
You want to see something.
You want to reveal something.
Grabbing your device, your eyes take a hit of blue light and revel….
Oh, yes!
We can see anything, these days.
A few clicks and swipes and there it is.
You get the lion-of-the-savannah
thrill of achievement…
and then, it’s gone...
With your Secret artwork, you enter into a pact of not-looking,
because in the suspension of knowledge,
the “thrill of the chase” can go on forever…





 The Idea…


  • The Secret artwork conceals an artwork as well as being the artwork itself.


  • Art is commonly made to be seen or experienced via our senses. Here, the experience is the suspension of that experience.


  • So, in a world where everything is a click away, here is something you cannot see. What is behind the hinged canvas, remains sealed. Unless you choose to break the artwork.


  • On a quantum level, what is hidden only exists once it is observed... Therefore, it could be anything. It could be everything. But don’t think about Pandora’s Box. Oops.


  • Secrets are universally powerful things. Every day we conceal and reveal. Every day, the masks rise and fall accordingly.


  • The Secret is packaged within an aesthetically pleasing context, with the white textured canvases. So there is something to look at, while you’re not looking.




In accompaniment to your artwork, there is…


  • A signed Certificate of Authenticity to prove provenance.


  • A bottle of gorgeous Champagne to enjoy with your new artwork. 


  • Free shipping, worldwide, secure and insured.


    Imagine again…
    It’s a beautiful evening.
    You have some friends coming round.
    For drinks maybe. And something to eat.
    Gradually they arrive with their familiar smiles and catch-up talk.
    Your Secret artwork has arrived too,
    now suspended proudly upon a feature wall,
    drawing admiring enquiry from friends.
    You tell the story.
    And everyone speculates… what could it be?








    •  Abstract art can mean many things. Sometimes it means that the artwork itself is the subject, rather than a portrait or view that the artist has endeavoured to depict.


    • In practical terms the Secret is a mixed media event. There is the metal of the hinge, the paper of the seal, the wall-papered texture, the paint both coloured and white. And then there is the Secret itself. What could that be made of?


    • There is no narrative beyond your ongoing engagement with the artwork. In this way the Secret is a very personal artwork, a juxtaposition to the relative emptiness of its surfaces.


    • When the Secret belongs to you, you are in some respects responsible for it. You are the protector, the guardian.



     Breaking the seal...

    • Although the idea of the Secret artwork is for the seal to remain in place and for the contents of the smaller canvas to be concealed, this artwork is by definition: interactive. The hinge is there and will work, should the seal be broken.


    • The small canvas, can, in theory (and practice) be raised up. It can be kinetic. In the same way that Secret artworks are artworks you “cannot see” then they are interactive but should not be interacted with.


    • As the owner of the artwork, you are at liberty to break the seal and peek. No alarms will sound. No security squad will descend on ropes to apprehend. You could see it all, touch it all, know it all.


    • Is there something about The Garden of Eden in all this?! The artwork is fixable. You could do it quietly. You could re-seal it. Glue is available without specialist training.


    • Knowledge could be yours! But it is knowledge that you cannot un-know. Not-knowing is a large part of the “art” in the “artwork”. Otherwise, it becomes just a nice pair of white things. Which is okay, perhaps.






    The secret itself


    •  It should be noted here that while it might be a (brief) funny joke for there to be nothing there at all under the smaller canvas, that would defeat the purpose of the piece.


    • There has to be something (or some things, possibly) for it work. So please be assured that there is something. Or some things.


    Thank you for choosing a Secret.

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