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Steve Porter

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2022, sized 3'/4' (91cm/122cm).
(or any other size you prefer, email after ordering)
Acrylic paint upon stretched deep-edge canvas.
The images shown are examples, using the artist’s signature.

 This is a commission for artist Steve Porter to paint your signature portrait in an equivalent way as part of the SIGNED99 artwork.


It’s been a busy day –
professionally or socially –
and at last you’re home.

The beautiful shape of your own name greets
and welcomes you from the wall –
a dazzling reminder of all you have achieved and aspire to achieve…




Celebrate Yourself with Confidence


  • For the confident and the bold, Steve Porter's SIGNED99 project celebrates choice and individualism, fusing the culture of branding and logo with something uniquely personal: your name.


    • By being part of the SIGNED99 project, you are not only investing in “the now” but creating an historical heirloom for the future. A trigger-point for memories and stories. The kind of things that help us to live on in the hearts and minds of others.


    • Only 99 portraits will ever be made. In terms of a financial investment, as more portraits are made, the value of each is very likely to increase. There is still something extremely powerful in choosing to sign. A dotted line awaits the brave…  



    The Process


    • There is a facility to upload an image of your signature above, here. Or at the checkout stage. Alternatively, it can be emailed over later.  


    • The image of your unique signature is then projected by Steve onto a blank canvas and painted twice, creating a dramatic interplay between shape and line, essential to the aesthetic balance of the composition.


    • Commissions take around 30 - 90 days. Steve will provide updates throughout the process and clients can contact Steve at any time to discuss their commission and its progress.


    • Along with the magnificent SIGNED99 branding and your unique number, /21, your artwork will also be signed and dated by Steve on the canvas edges, bottom/top.


    • Your SIGNED99 artwork will then couriered to you free, with all the relevant insurances, a Certificate of Authenticity to prove provenance.





        Imagine, again.

        It’s a beautiful evening.
        You have some friends coming round.
        For drinks maybe. And something to eat.
        Gradually they arrive with their familiar smiles and catch-up talk.

        Your SIGNED99 portrait has arrived too, now suspended proudly upon a feature wall, drawing admiring enquiry from friends…
        So you tell the story.
        And everyone agrees…



        Signatures as Portraits


        • Like traditional portraiture, your signature image is a kind of collaboration with the artist, taking the familiar character and shape of your written name and turning into something completely spectacular.

        • Our names accompany us through our experiences, chosen for us. In this way SIGNED99 is an (almost) ageless portrait, a mirror of ourselves taking those all-important and life-changing decisions.





        Technology and Perspective


        • A specially designed hand-built optical projector is employed by Steve to perfectly recreate your signature. The use of optics in art is a tradition going back hundreds of years. 


        • SIGNED99 comments upon the changing way in which our identities are stored, proved and communicated with signatures presented in juxtaposition to the roll-out of modern biometric data.


        • The double signature reversed creates a negative space between the two, giving the picture balance and harmony, however weighted and shaped your written name is.



        Context and Statement


        • SIGNED99 (like much of Steve’s current work) involves taking an everyday visual and then placing it within its own space and set of ideas. Here, your signature is super-sized and imbued with an ultra-minimalistic power.


        • Like the conceptual pioneers of the early 20th Century, with their “ready-mades”. Here, your signature is the ready-made. 


        • In a sense we (along with everyone else) recreate a part of the SIGNED99 artwork ourselves whenever we write our name, thereby making the work universally inclusive as well as remaining intensely personal.



         Physicality and Time


        • The deep textures within the white-topped layers surrounding your signature capture the light in different ways, so the surface varies through differing lighting conditions.


        • In this way, what appears at first to be an expanse of plain white is forever changing, adding time and movement to a picture which is essentially fixed.


        • Most of our signatures are more-or-less set by the time we reach adulthood, meaning that your SIGNED99 portrait captures and displays that chronology. 



          Thank you for choosing to be part of the SIGNED99 artwork. 

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